Seaweed Baths

Delphi Organic Seaweed Bath
Duration: 50mins
Price: €50

A trip to Delphi is not complete without a Delphi Seaweed Bath. Rejuvenate, relax and detox by immersing yourself in a bath of hand-harvested seaweed from our unspoilt Atlantic Coast and our own Delphi Mountain Spring water.

Seaweed baths are indigenous to Ireland and have been practiced locally for Hundreds of years. This simple and pure treatment is renowned for its healing properties and skin regeneration benefits. A Delphi Seaweed bath is unique as it combines the benefits of seaweed with the minerals of Mountain Spring Waters. This balancing treatment helps to relax & ease tired and tense muscles, increase circulation and deeply moisturise the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and hydrated. Finish your treatment by applying Organic Softly Does It Body Lotion and finally come back to the world by admiring the breathtaking views from our Relaxation Suite with a cup of organic seaweed infused herbal tea.

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