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Daily we are bombarded with stories and statistics on rising rates of obesity and related illnesses in our society. Obviously this is a troubling situation which will have knock on effects both short and long term.

One positive that has arisen from this however, is public awareness. We as a nation are changing our attitude towards healthy eating and exercise. There has been a huge surge in adventure activities, and we in Delphi Mountain Resort are in a prime position to take note of this. Year on year we are seeing an increase in numbers of guests partaking in activities, particularly family groups.

In the past few years sports such as surfing, kayaking, cycling and hill walking have emerged as the most popular and fastest growing activities in Europe. The West of Ireland is in a perfect position to capitalise on this. With our abundance of hill walking and cycling trails, intricate rivers for kayaking and of course the expansive Athlantic Ocean which gives us stunning beaches which attract surfers from all over the world and an exploration haven for sea kayakers, the West is the one stop shop for thrill seeking adventurers.

This bodes well for the health of the nation and of course tourism but is this trend going to continue? It is hard to see it changing as it has become very much a part of life for so many. Year on year events such as Gael Force West and the Connemarathon are growing in numbers. Going home after work and watching TV is being replaced by tag rugby sessions and Fitsquad meetings. Exercise is the new social outlet! Is this new, healthy life style sustainable? Will we soon all be choosing a run in the park over a trip to the pub?


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